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1969 Number Theory Institute

[Donald J. Lewis, editor].

Providence, R.I. : American Mathematical Society, 1971.

xiii, 451 págs. : retrs. ; 26 cm.

Serie: Proceedings of symposia in pure mathematics ; v. 20

ISBN: 0821814206

Título del lomo: Institute on Number Theory

"Proceedings of the 1969 Summer Institute on Number Theory: Analytic Number Theory, Diophantine Problems, and Algebraic Number Theory; held at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, Long Island, New York, July 7-Aug. 1, 1969".

Incluye fotografías de los participantes.

Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índices.

Reseña: MathSciNet, 47 #3286


  • H. P. F. Swinnnerton-Dyer, Applications of algebraic geometry to number theory
  • W. C. Waterhouse and J. S. Milne. Abelian varieties over finite fields
  • Nicholas M. Katz, Introduction aux travaux récents de Dwork
  • O. T. O'Meara, The integral classical groups and their automorphisms
  • Kenkichi Iwasawa, Skew-symmetric forms for number fields (p. 86); B. J. Birch, $K_2$ of global fields
  • Yukiyosi Kawada, Class formations
  • J. A. Shalika, Some conjectures in class field theory
  • Thomas Storer, Extensions of cyclotomic theory
  • A. Schinzel, Reducibility of lacunary polynomials
  • A. Pfister, Quadratic forms over fields
  • James Ax, A metamathematical approach to some problems in number theory
  • Julia Robinson, Notes on Matijasevi\v c's solution of Hilbert's tenth problem
  • Alan Baker, Effective methods in Diophantine problems
  • James Ax, On Schanuel's conjectures and Skolem's method
  • Eduard Wirsing, On approximations of algebraic numbers by algebraic numbers of bounded degree
  • Kurt Mahler, Lectures on transcendental numbers
  • Wolfgang M. Schmidt, Mahler's $T$-numbers
  • H.-E. Richert, Selberg's sieve with weights
  • Atle Selberg, Sieve methods
  • Enrico Bombieri, Density theorems for the zeta function
  • Paul Turán, On some recent results in the analytical theory of numbers
  • Eduard Wirsing, Characterization of the logarithm as an additive function
  • Tomio Kubota, Some results concerning reciprocity law and real analytic automorphic functions
  • B. J. Birch, Elliptic curves over $Q$: A progress report
  • H. M. Stark, Recent advances in determining all complex quadratic fields of a given class-number
  • Daniel Shanks, Class number, a theory of factorization, and genera.
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