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Birth of a theorem : a mathematical adventure

Cédric Villani ; translated from the French by Malcolm DeBevoise ; illustrations by Claude Gondard.

First American paperback edition.

New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016, ©2015.

260 páginas : ilustraciones ; 21 cm.

ISBN: 9780865477674 (hardback), 9780374710231 (e-book), 9780374536671 (paperback)

Resumen: "An intimate look inside a mathematician's mind as he wrestles with the theorem that will make his reputation Cédric Villani is a rock-star mathematician. An intellect of unusual depth and breadth, he is the director of France's greatest mathematics research institute. In 2010 he received the Fields Medal, the most coveted prize in mathematics, for his proofs resolving one of the most controversial theories of classical physics. Birth of a Theorem is his own account of the year leading up to the award. It invites readers inside the mind of a genius as he wrestles with the most important work of his career. But you don't have to understand nonlinear Landau damping to love Birth of a Theorem. It doesn't simplify or overexplain; rather, it invites readers into collaboration. Villani's diaries, e-mails, and musings enmesh you in the process of discovery. You join him in unproductive lulls and late-night breakthroughs. You're privy to the mess-hall conversations of the world's greatest research institutions. Villani discusses his favorite songs, his love of manga, and the imaginative stories he tells his children. Mathematics is like any other creative work in that the thinker's whole life propels discovery—and with Birth of a Theorem, Villani welcomes you into his"—Provided by publisher.

Reseña: MathSciNet, MR3469459

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