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Mathematics and sports

edited by Joseph A. Gallian.

[Washington, DC] : Mathematical Association of America, ©2010.

xi, 329 págs. : ilustraciones ; 23 cm.

Serie: Dolciani mathematical expositions ; no. 43

ISBN: 9780883853498 (pbk.), 0883853493 (pbk.)

Resumen: "This book is an eclectic compendium of the essays solicited for the 2010 Mathematics Awareness Month web page on the theme of 'Mathematics and Sports'. In keeping with the goal of promoting mathematics awareness to a broad audience, all of the articles are accessible to college level mathematics students and many are accessible to the general public. The book is divided into sections by the kind of sports. The section on [American] football includes an article that evaluates a method for reducing the advantage of the winner to a coin flip in an NFL overtime game; the section on track and field examines the ultimate limit on how fast a human can run 100 metres; the section on baseball includes an article on the likelihood of streaks; the section on golf has an article that describes the double-pendulum model of a golf swing and an article on modelling Tiger Woods' career."—Contratapa.

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Reseña: MathSciNet, 2011g:00022


  • Preface; Part I. Baseball: 1. Sabermetrics: the past, the present, and the future / Jim Albert; 2. Surprising streaks and playoff parity: probability problems in a sports context / Rick Cleary; 3. Did humidifying the baseball decrease the number of homers at Coors Field? / Howard Penn; 4. Streaking: finding the probability for a batting streak / Stanley Rothman and Quoc Le; Part II. Basketball: 5. Bracketology: how can math help? / Tim Chartier, Erich Kreutzer, Amy Langville and Kathryn Pedings; 6. Down 4 with a minute to go / G. Edgar Parker; 7. Jump shot mathematics / Howard Penn; Part III. Football: 8. How deep is your playbook? / Tricia Muldoon Brown and Eric B. Kahn; 9. A look at overtime in the NFL / Chris Jones; 10. Extending the Colley method to generate predictive football rankings / R. Drew Pasteur; 11. When perfect isn't good enough: retrodictive rankings in college football / R. Drew Pasteur; Part IV. Golf: 12. The science of a drive / Douglas N. Arnold; 13. Is Tiger Woods a winner? / Scott M. Berry; 14. G. H. Hardy's golfing adventure / Roland Minton; 15. Tigermetrics / Roland Minton; Part V. NASCAR: 16. Can mathematics make a difference? Exploring tire troubles in NASCAR / Cheryll E. Crowe; Part VI. Scheduling: 17. Scheduling a tournament / Dalibor Froncek; Part VII. Soccer: 18. Bending a soccer ball with math / Tim Chartier; Part VIII. Tennis: 19. Teaching mathematics and statistics using tennis / Reza Noubary; 20. Percentage play in tennis / G. Edgar Parker; Part IX. Track and Field: 21. The effects of altitude in the 400m sprint with various IAAF track geometries / Vanessa Alday and Michael Frantz; 22. Mathematical ranking of the Division III Track and Field Conferences / Chris Fisette; 23. What is the speed limit for Men's 100 Meter Dash? / Reza Noubary; 24. May the best team win: determining the winner of a cross country race / Stephen Szydlik; 25. Biomechanics of running and walking / Anthony Tongen and Roshna E. Wunderlich.
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