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fernando Sintaxis para Apache 2.4: Require all granted
Line 26: Line 26:
   DocumentRoot "​__CATALIS__/​htdocs/"​   DocumentRoot "​__CATALIS__/​htdocs/"​
   <​Directory "​__CATALIS__/​htdocs/">​   <​Directory "​__CATALIS__/​htdocs/">​
-    ​Order allow,​deny +    ​Require ​all granted
-    Allow from all+
     Options -Indexes     Options -Indexes
   </​Directory>​   </​Directory>​
Line 33: Line 32:
   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "​__CATALIS__/​cgi-bin/"​   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "​__CATALIS__/​cgi-bin/"​
   <​Directory "​__CATALIS__/​cgi-bin/">​   <​Directory "​__CATALIS__/​cgi-bin/">​
-    ​Order allow,​deny +    ​Require ​all granted
-    Allow from all+
   </​Directory>​   </​Directory>​
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